Nail technology continues to be a fast growing area in the beauty, spa and fashion industry. A nail tech (or manicurist) uses techniques and products to help achieve and maintain healthy and attractive hands and feet.


Taught by our highly trained instructor you’ll learn with as much hands-on and one-on-one instruction as possible. In just a short time you’ll learn how to perform manicures, pedicures, hand and arm massage, artificial nails, gels, wraps, tips and nail art.

This dynamic curriculum along with our Advanced Program, which dives into the business side of manicuring, are just some of the reasons why successful salon owners call us almost every week looking to hire our graduates.

 Students who meet our requirements for attendance - we will pay your State Board Application Fee for your test in Columbus.


Course Completion Times

Length of Training: 300 Hours

Day Schedule: 10 Weeks

Night Schedule: ~18 Weeks

Tuition: $2500

Due to the length of the Manicuring program, Financial Aid is not an option.

We do have a payment plan available.

Class starting dates

Next Day class starting:

September 2021

Next Night class starting:

September 27th, 2021


Day Class: Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 3:15pm


Night Class: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 6pm-9pm and Saturday 8:30am-4:45pm


According to 2021 Pricing

Day Class

$75.00 - Registration

$242.50 for 10 weeks

First payment due on First Day of Class

Night Class

$75.00 - Registration

~$134 for 18 weeks

First payment due on First Day of Class