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Similar to applying for a job - we have more applicants than we have seats available in class. We only enroll 12 students per class, and because of this, we have an Application Process in place. A major part of the Application Process is the School Tour! The tour serves as a way for you to come in and learn about us - and also for us to learn about you! We want to make sure that this school is the best fit for you.

 Think of the tour as your interview with the instructor. Dress professionally, arrive on time/early, make sure your phone is on silent, bring the required documents, make sure you have a babysitter - you want to give a great first impression! Your instructor wants to know that the time and effort they put into teaching will be going towards someone who wants to do great things.

Coming to tour does not automatically guarantee a seat in the class.

1. Read through the course page that you are interested in for information on pricing and class schedule. Check to see when the next class begins and make sure that it fits in with your personal schedule.

2. If you need more information - fill out the contact form.

3. If you're applying for FAFSA (Esthetics Class Only), visit the Financial Aid page.

4. Fill out a Student Application HERE.

5. Tours are typically held two months prior to the class start date (for example: the class start date is in April, we will hold tours in February for that class.) Filling out an application puts your info on the call list for the class you applied to. You'll be notified that your application has been received, and when it comes time - we'll call you to schedule your tour!

6. For your tour be sure to bring a valid State ID and your High School Diploma or GED.


In order for your application to be considered, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Have a High School diploma or transcript which shows the date of graduation, or have a General Education Development Certificate (G.E.D.), or have evidence of completion of home schooling that state law treats as a home or private school, or any other document/diploma through on-line, distance, correspondence or charter school will be recognized as a high school graduate provided it is approved by the State Department of Education from the state in which it was issued as the academic equivalence to a U.S. high school diploma.

  • Have a valid driver's license or State ID

Tour space is limited and so not coming for your tour nor calling ahead to let us know is taken seriously.

After a potential student No-Call, No-Shows three tours, future applications will not be considered. Repeat applicants may also not be considered for any other good and just cause, for example: displaying a negative attitude or demeaner towards staff will also not be considered for class.


1. Q: I recently applied to your school and haven't received a phone call yet. How do I schedule my tour?

    A: Once we receive your application, a response email is sent letting you know that your application was received. Tours are typically held two months before the start date of the class. When that time is coming close - we will contact everyone who applied for that class to schedule your tour appointment.

2. Q: Why do I need to bring my diploma or GED, and a valid state ID?

    A: In order to enroll you in our class, State Board of Cosmetology requires that we submit these documents. We ask you to bring them with you on your tour for two reasons. 1 - so that we don't run into problems getting a copy from you if you have a seat in the class, potentially delaying us enrolling you. And 2 - if you forget to bring what we ask you to bring to your tour, you've arrived unprepared to your tour. Will you be arriving unprepared to class? Will you forget to do assigned homework or projects?

3. Q: When do you make the decisions on who is in the class?

    A: Our tour window for each class is always a pre-determined set of dates. Once that window has closed, we will make the decisions and send an email to everyone who toured with whether or not they have a seat.

4. Q: Why did I not receive a seat in your class?

    A: There are a list of reasons that may have contributed towards you not receiving a seat in the class. Each class has 12 seats. We typically have more than 12 potential students applying - so unfortunately not everyone who applies will have a seat. Just because you did not receive a seat does not necessarily mean you did anything to negatively impact your chances - its simply that we don't have enough seats for everyone. The things we take into consideration include: Were you on time to your tour - or were you late or did you No Call No Show your appointment? Were you dressed professionally? Did you bring the documents we asked for? Was your FAFSA completed before the tour (only applies to Esthetics class)? How was your attitude during the tour - were you excited and did you ask questions, or were you bored and uninterested? Not receiving a seat in the class you applied to should not discourage you from applying to future classes!


4. Q: When do I start paying?

    A: On Orientation Day your $75 Registration Fee is due. This fee is nonrefundable, and holds your spot in the class. On your first day of class, your first payment toward tuition is due (if applicable.)

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