Applying to the Toledo Academy of Beauty is similar to applying for a job! Each class has twelve students - so that's twelve spots for us to fill. In order for us to narrow down the applicants, we hold tours! We want to make sure that this school is the best fit for you. Coming to tour does not automatically guarantee a spot in the class.  Think of the tour as your interview with the instructor. Dress professionally, arrive on time/early, make sure your phone is on silent, make sure you have a babysitter - you want to give a great first impression! Your instructor wants to know that the time and effort they put into teaching will be going towards someone who wants to do great things.

1. Read through the course page that you are interested in for information on pricing and class schedule. Look to see when the next class begins and make sure that it fits in with your personal schedule.

2. If you need more information - fill out the contact form.

3. If you're applying for FAFSA, visit the Financial Aid page.

4. Fill out a Student Application HERE.

5. Call in 419-693-7257 or use the contact form to be put on the upcoming class Tour List. Tours are typically held two months prior to the class start date (for example: the class start date is in April, we will hold tours in February for that class.)

6. For your tour be sure to bring your ID or License and your High School Diploma (or GED or official transcript).

Campus Address:

3341 Navarre Ave. Oregon, Ohio 43616