What Our Students Have To Say!

“Choosing Toledo Academy of Beauty is one of the best decisions I’ve made, even when you drive 40 minutes a day. The clean environment along with the warm and welcoming staff and students make for a positive and fun experience. They offer full time and part time classes which is awesome for those that have to work. They also offer Esthetic and Nail Programs. The instructors are simply amazing. They have 30 plus years of experience and are truly there to help and guide each and every student to success. They are patient yet determined to get you above and beyond ready for State Boards and the Salon Environment. Their “Mock” state board reinforces your ability to succeed. They even pay for your state board application fee. So if you’re interested in pursuing a career in cosmetology, Toledo Academy of Beauty is definitely the right choice. You will not regret it. I know I don’t.”

– Tiffany Smith, Port Clinton, Ohio – Cosmetology


“I chose Toledo Academy of Beauty for its long standing reputation. Not only are they a nationally accredited college, all of our teachers have 20 plus years of experience, and it helps to know that almost 90% of the graduating class pass state boards. The reason I stayed was because of how amazing the instructors were. From my junior instructor who was always patient and thorough in instructing to the senior floor where we were quickly taught the inner workings of a salon, how to build our people skills and creating friendships that will last a life time! It’s a place that you will never forget no matter where you go in your career.”

– Jenna Collins, Toledo, Ohio – Cosmetology

“I have many reasons why I joined Toledo Academy of Beauty. Before I began here I thought about going to another profession, I then had realized what I had planned was not what I wanted to do the rest of my life. I began to think what would I love to do and what is the person I want to become.
I instantly started to think I enjoyed talking with people and doing friends and family’s hair and make-up. I wanted to become someone who can be creative helping increase people’s confidence and self-esteem. I want people to feel good about their selves. I had looked at other options before Toledo Academy of Beauty, but when I walked in I knew this is where I wanted to be. Every day I learn something new and the instructors are amazing. I’m so happy I chose to begin my career at Toledo Academy of Beauty.”

-Brittany Gentry, Oregon, Ohio – Cosmetology



“My training at Toledo Academy of Beauty is a great experience for me. I like how my instructor explains and demonstrates as she teaches the class. Toledo Academy of Beauty is a great school to attend to get the proper training you need to be a successful individual and become state licensed.
The administration at Toledo Academy of Beauty is excellent; they will help you as much as they can even after you graduate. Thank you Toledo Academy of Beauty.”

– Latrice Jones, Toledo, Ohio. – Manicuring



“The Toledo Academy of Beauty is a great place to start a foundation. The staff and teachers are very kind, helpful and they treat you with constant respect. My training here at the Academy has been such an awesome learning experience. Miss Cindy is great at explaining, whether it book work or demonstration.
The school is very clean, organized and overall just well put together. I always know where to find everything and anything in the dispensary and classrooms. If you have a passion for hair or nails, I highly suggest you to stop in and check out the school and all their opportunities that come along with it.”

– Kellsie Bellows, Toledo, Ohio – Manicuring



“I am so glad I chose the Toledo Academy of Beauty! I researched other area schools and Toledo Academy of Beauty offers a more diverse curriculum for today’s workforce. Miss Cortnie is very helpful with demos and also makes the book work more enjoyable than just reading through it. If you want the top of the line training and education, Toledo Academy of Beauty is definitely the place to go. They even offer night classes with Miss Cortnie for those that work full-time. Miss Cortnie shares her experiences as a current esthetician and manager so we know what to expect after graduation.”

– Aleecia Rivers, Perrysburg, Ohio – Esthetician



“There are so many opportunities and things I love about being an esthetician student at Toledo Academy of Beauty. When I first applied here I had planned on majoring in make-up. But as I furthered my education, I found so many more things and services they offer here! As each chapter went on I really loved how each service made the appearance and texture of my skin feel. The teacher also made learning so much more fun and easier to learn as she is very thoughtful and patient. I thought each service would take a lot more hard work and training. This school really put a lot more aspects about beauty for me, from learning about microdermabrasion, skin peels, scrubs, body treatments, waxing, make-up, derma planning, hot stone therapy to business management. This school gives me endless career possibilities.”

– Cody Steele, Sandusky, Ohio – Esthetician



“The Toledo Academy of Beauty has been such a wonderful place to learn. The staff are friendly and always willing to help. The advanced services we learn for the cost of tuition simply cannot be beat! I’m so happy I chose the Toledo Academy of Beauty.”

– Shelby Zemenski, Toledo, Ohio – Esthetician

Campus Address:

3341 Navarre Ave. Oregon, Ohio 43616