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What Our Students Have To Say!

“My training at Toledo Academy of Beauty is a great experience for me. I like how my instructor explains and demonstrates as she teaches the class. Toledo Academy of Beauty is a great school to attend to get the proper training you need to be a successful individual and become state licensed.
The administration at Toledo Academy of Beauty is excellent; they will help you as much as they can even after you graduate. Thank you Toledo Academy of Beauty.”

– Latrice Jones, Toledo, Ohio. – Manicuring

“The Toledo Academy of Beauty is a great place to start a foundation. The staff and teachers are very kind, helpful and they treat you with constant respect. My training here at the Academy has been such an awesome learning experience. Miss Cindy is great at explaining, whether it book work or demonstration.
The school is very clean, organized and overall just well put together. I always know where to find everything and anything in the dispensary and classrooms. If you have a passion for hair or nails, I highly suggest you to stop in and check out the school and all their opportunities that come along with it.”

– Kellsie Bellows, Toledo, Ohio – Manicuring

“There are so many opportunities and things I love about being an esthetician student at Toledo Academy of Beauty. When I first applied here I had planned on majoring in make-up. But as I furthered my education, I found so many more things and services they offer here! As each chapter went on I really loved how each service made the appearance and texture of my skin feel. The teacher also made learning so much more fun and easier to learn as she is very thoughtful and patient. I thought each service would take a lot more hard work and training. This school really put a lot more aspects about beauty for me, from learning about microdermabrasion, skin peels, scrubs, body treatments, waxing, make-up, derma planning, hot stone therapy to business management. This school gives me endless career possibilities.”

– Cody Steele, Sandusky, Ohio – Esthetician

“The Toledo Academy of Beauty has been such a wonderful place to learn. The staff are friendly and always willing to help. The advanced services we learn for the cost of tuition simply cannot be beat! I’m so happy I chose the Toledo Academy of Beauty.”

– Shelby Zemenski, Toledo, Ohio – Esthetician

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